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Bradley Cole's Rock Show for Charity
New York City
October 9, 2010

Kendra and I had a great time at Bradley Cole's Annual Rock Show for Charity, which raised over $15,000 for the Red Cross!  I actually did not take any pictures (we were busy with the silent auction, and I obeyed the "no photography" signs ;), so thanks to Lisa for the photos!

This year's concert was an 80s theme.  OLTL's Gina Tognoni hosted the event, and Bradley Cole and his band provided the music.  Several soaps stars joined the band for a few songs, mostly from OLTL (the one remaining NYC soap).  Trent sang two songs: U2's "Bad," which is one of his favorite songs, and the Peter Gabriel song "Sledgehammer."  In my unbiased opinion, ;) Trent's performances were the best of the night.  Some of the performances bordered on karaoke, but Trent's were genuine and original.

from Soap Opera Digest:

from CBS Soaps in Depth


Trent on stage:



The live auction, featuring such items as an OLTL studio tour:





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