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 MacMillan Films, 2000


Helene is a spy film about a French woman, Janette,  who comes to the U.S. for her sister Helene's funeral.  She suspects that her sister, who worked for the U.N., is not really dead, and begins to investigate.  She meets a TV journalist named Sarah who agrees to help her in her search.  They get in deeper than they expected and call on Sarah's reliable ex-boyfriend, Victor (Trent Dawson), for help.  


Victor, a bike messenger/neuroscience student, 

still loves Sarah and wants to try again to make their relationship work, but she has already moved on with her life.  

Janette, Sarah, and Victor continue to investigate Helene's disappearance and eventually solve the mystery, but I won't give it away here!  

Check out the MacMillan Films website for more info on this film and to order a video.





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