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Loves Labour's Lost: The Musical

March 15 - April 6, 2003


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This battle of the sexes romantic comedy has been re-tooled by playwright Kenneth Mitchell. Borrowing liberally from Shakespeare, Mitchell throws in a bit of royalty, a wild Scotsman, a female aviator, a French maid, a bumbling Spanish captain, and a tap dancer. The production, set in the 1930s, creates a delightful fantasia of musical mayhem.

American Globe Theatre
145 W. 46th Street
New York, NY 10036


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Show Summary (provided by RogerD):

Trent played Berowne, one of three men who swore to live and study with Lord Navarre for three years without any contact with women.  Of course, all four men ended up falling in love, Berowne with Rosaline.

Trent sang in five songs plus a solo, "I'm in Love!"  He wore several costumes including a kilt and beret, a graduation gown, a red Russian outfit with a long beard, and a tux.  Below is a picture of Trent in his tux at the theater.

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Inside the Playbill:

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