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The Good Wife
CBS, April 5, 2011


Trent appeared on an episode of the CBS drama The Good Wife entitled "Wrongful Termination," which first aired on April 5, 2011 (watch it on

Trent played the witness in a case against an internet company that intentionally created a workplace so hostile that three employees committed suicide.  As a former employee, he testified about the working conditions, which included no air conditioning, no break room, and a walk of shame after his desk was moved across the office.  He was then cross-examined by the company's attorney (played by Michael J. Fox), who belittled his complaint that "everyone was staring at him."

Here are a few screenshots from Trent's scene.


the credits:


being questioned by the plaintiff's attorney, played by Josh Charles



testifying while the eccentric judge (Denis O'Hare) looks on



the defense attorney (Michael J. Fox) cross-examines the witness


I think Alex P. Keaton and Henry Coleman would have been great friends, 
don't you?  :-)


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