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Archive of Updates, 2001

bulletDecember 30, 2001:  added a few links and some news.  I also archived the updates, the list was getting too long!
bulletDecember 28, 2001:  added a blurb from the SID e-mail newsletter.
bulletDecember 26, 2001:  added Trent's Christmas day post and a photo from the Jan. 1 issue of SOD.
bulletDecember 23, 2001:  added a countdown to Henry's return (thanks Roger!), a table of character counts over the last 7 months, a blurb from SOD, info about The Miser, and a few more Blondie's photos (thanks Patty!).
bulletDecember 11, 2001:  added news about Henry's return in February of next year.
bulletDecember 7, 2001:  Major changes!
bulletMoved the site to a new web host.  The new URL is (thanks Sunny and Roger!).
bulletAdded pictures from the Firefighter Benefit at Blondie's in NYC.
bulletAdded a review of Trent's most recent off-off Broadway show, "Much Ado About Nothing," along with some pictures.
bulletAdded two pictures from "An Evening of French Farce," taken at the American Globe Theater.
bulletAdded a few Henry notes from the December 4th issue of SOD.
bulletNovember 24, 2001:  added Trent's Happy Thanksgiving post.  Also added a "Roundup" question from SOD that included a picture of Trent with Michael Park.
bulletNovember 6, 2001:  added Trent's latest post.  Also added a page for news and appearances and did a little restructuring.
bulletNovember 3, 2001:  added Anne and Trent's latest post.
bulletOctober 23, 2001:  I've been published!  CBS Soaps In Depth published my letter, you can find it on the articles page.  Don't give up, Henry fans, someone is listening!
bulletSeptember 22, 2001:  added a recent SOD interview with Hogan Sheffer about Trent to the writing page, and added a photo from this summer's charity softball game.
bulletSeptember 12, 2001:  added Trent's post about the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy.
bulletSeptember 6, 2001:  added a few more screencaps from Helene (thanks Sunny!).
bulletSeptember 5, 2001:  restructured theater page and changed it to theater and films.  Also added an article about Cyrano and info about the film Helene.
bulletAugust 26, 2001:  added article and pictures from last year's SOD feature.
bulletAugust 23, 2001:  added link to new Terri Conn site.
bulletAugust 20, 2001:  added Trent's latest post on the message board.
bulletAugust 11, 2001:  added some of Trent's past message board posts (thanks Sunny!), and added the online "Oakdale Survivor" game to the articles page.
bulletAugust 4, 2001:  restructured photo page and added some photos from Cyrano.
bulletAugust 2, 2001:  changed the theme/format of the site, added a page for a writing campaign in support of Trent and Henry.
bulletJuly 23, 2001:  finally added July 6 recap.  Also added some new articles.
bulletJuly 15, 2001:  added screencaps to July 2 and July 5 recaps.
bulletJuly 7, 2001:  added July 2 recap.
bulletJuly 6, 2001:  added July 5 recap.
bulletJuly 5, 2001:  added TV Guide Q&A to articles page and a new page for Trent's posts on the boards.
bulletJuly 1, 2001:  added article from Soap Opera Update.
bulletJune 30, 2001:  added June 27 recap.
bulletJune 27, 2001:  added June 26 recap, feature at Soap City, and photo with Simon's Sheilas.
bulletJune 26, 2001:  added June 25 recap.
bulletJune 22, 2001:  added yesterday's Henry recap.
bulletJune 20, 2001:  added today's Henry recap.
bulletJune 18, 2001:  added link to the guestbook.
bulletJune 15, 2001:  added feedback information.
bulletJune 12, 2001:  added some photos from the ATWT luncheon and today's Henry recap.

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