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Archive of Updates, 2003

bulletDecember 26, 2003: added Trent's Christmas Day post, a mention in TV Guide, and news about Trent's new play.
bulletDecember 18, 2003: finally, our Henry is back!  He showed up yesterday to help Carly in her search for Rose's killer.
bulletDecember 4, 2003: Trent answers the Roundup question in this week's SOD.
bulletNovember 30, 2003: updated the character count for the month of November.  From a high of 9 Henry episodes last month to a low of 0 this month.  That hasn't happened since Henry returned from the island in April of 2002.  True, Trent was in Baltimore doing a play, but he was missed in Oakdale!
bulletNovember 11, 2003:  added a short piece from SOD about Mark Collier's opinion on the difference between Trent and Henry.  Also added the three photos above, which have appeared in the last three issues of SOD.
bulletNovember 8, 2003:  lots of updates today.  Added a report and photos from the Misalliance reception, as well as a few new photos from the show.  Also added a few new articles, including Trent being named SOD's Performer of the Week!
bulletNovember 3, 2003:  updated the monthly character count - 9 episodes for Henry in the month of October which is the most this year!  Also added the October 29 and October 30 recaps.  Sorry they're late, I've been in Baltimore hanging out with Trent!  Details of the play and reception coming soon...
bulletOctober 28, 2003:  added another review of Misalliance.
bulletOctober 24, 2003:  added some great photos from Misalliance.
bulletOctober 23, 2003:  added a few things from this week's SOD.
bulletOctober 22, 2003:  added the Oct. 21 and Oct. 22 recaps.
bulletOctober 20, 2003:  added a review of Misalliance.
bulletOctober 15, 2003:  added today's recap.
bulletOctober 14, 2003:  added today's recap.
bulletOctober 11, 2003:  added the October 9 recap.
bulletOctober 10, 2003:  added a photo from Misalliance, also added today's recap (yesterday's recap is coming soon).
bulletOctober 8, 2003:  added today's recap.
bulletOctober 6, 2003:  added 3 recent articles, involving Simon's jacket, Katie and Henry on the island, and a suggested love interest for Henry.
bulletOctober 3, 2003:  updated the news with details on how to get discount tickets for Trent's new play in Baltimore, along with a pre-show reception.
bulletOctober 2, 2003:  added some news about Trent's new play in Baltimore.  Also updated the monthly character count with September data.  Eight episodes for our Henry, now that's more like it!
bulletSeptember 25, 2003:  added the September 24 and September 25 recaps.
bulletSeptember 24, 2003:  added a feature interview with Trent in SOD.
bulletSeptember 23, 2003:  added the September 22 recap.
bulletSeptember 20, 2003:  added the September 19 recap.  That makes four Henry days this week!
bulletSeptember 19, 2003:  added the September 18 recap.
bulletSeptember 17, 2003:  added today's recap.
bulletSeptember 15, 2003:  added today's recap.  It was a short scene, but one that could easily have been done over the phone or off camera, so I'll take it!
bulletSeptember 9, 2003:  added Trent's recent post as well as some info about his new play, Misalliance.
bulletSeptember 3, 2003:  Henry's back!  See today's recap for details.
bulletSeptember 2, 2003:  updated the monthly character count with August data.  Where is our Henry??  Only two episodes this month.
bulletAugust 5, 2003:  added the August 4 recap.
bulletAugust 4, 2003:  added the August 1 recap and updated the monthly character count.
bulletJuly 31, 2003:  added the July 30 recap.
bulletJuly 27, 2003:  check out Henry's personal ad in CBS SID.
bulletJuly 24, 2003:  added today's recap.
bulletJuly 23, 2003:  added today's recap.
bulletJuly 1, 2003:  added today's recap.
bulletJune 30, 2003:  updated the character count for the month of June.  Only one episode for Henry, which is a low since he came back to the show last April after a long hiatus. :(
bulletJune 28, 2003:  added the "Editor's Choice" article from SOD in which Trent is mentioned.
bulletJune 17, 2003:  lots of little updates today including some news of Trent's upcoming appearances, a few articles from recent soap mags, and some photos from the charity softball game a few weeks ago.
bulletJune 5, 2003:  added the June 2 recap and the most recent "Classic Lines" from SOD.  Also updated the monthly character count for the month of May.  Henry appeared in 6 episodes (one more than last month), most of which were spent in jail!  (Sorry for the belated updates, I had some trouble with my ISP but am back online now.)
bulletMay 27, 2003:  added more luncheon photos (a few on page one, more on page two) from the Anne Sayre Fan Club.  Also added a feature from Soaps in Depth.
bulletMay 21, 2003:  added the May 20 and May 21 recaps.
bulletMay 20, 2003:  added the May 19 recap. ( If you've noticed that my recaps are always a day behind, it's because I've realized that they're much easier to write when I have the transcripts, which usually aren't up until late in the day or the next day.  So sorry for the inconvenience, but check back the day after a Henry episode for the recap!)
bulletMay 18, 2003:  added the Emmy photo above, way to go ATWT and Benjamin Hendrickson!  Also added an article from CBS Soaps in Depth.
bulletMay 13, 2003:  added the May 12 recap.
bulletMay 10, 2003:  added the May 6 and May 9 recaps.
bulletMay 4, 2003:  Henry appears in his usual section in Soap Opera Digest, the Classic Lines section.
bulletMay 3, 2003:  added the character count for the month of April, 5 episodes for Henry this month (which is better than last month's 2!).
bulletApril 26, 2003:  Two weeks after the event I finally got my pictures from the luncheon up on the website!  Sorry for the wait.  Also added the April 25 recap.
bulletApril 23, 2003:  added the April 22 recap.
bulletApril 21, 2003:  added the April 15 recap, aka the water gun episode.
bulletApril 19, 2003:  added the April 9 and April 10 recaps.  Sorry for the delay, I've been out of town attending the ATWT luncheon and traveling for business.  I hope to have the luncheon pictures up next weekend, in the meantime I'll try to post a few on the Ososunny boards.
bulletMarch 31, 2003:  updated the monthly character count with March data (only 2 episodes for Henry this month).
bulletMarch 28, 2003:  added a few reviews of Loves Labour's Lost, also added some great photos from Pal Joey.
bulletMarch 26, 2003:  added the March 25 recap, also added the list of musical numbers in Loves Labour's Lost.
bulletMarch 18, 2003:  added some info and photos from Trent's new musical, Loves Labour's Lost.
bulletMarch 10, 2003:  added today's recap, and added screencaps to the Feb. 26 recap.
bulletMarch 2, 2003:  lots of updates today!  Added the Feb. 28 recap with transcripts, also added screencaps to the Feb. 19 and Feb. 20 recaps.  Updated the character counts per month with February numbers, and added some news about Trent's new play.
bulletFebruary 26, 2003:  added today's recap and replaced Lucy Johnson with Barbara Bloom on the writing campaign page.  Ms. Bloom recently took over senior VP of Daytime and Children's Programming at CBS.
bulletFebruary 20, 2003:  added today's recap with transcripts.
bulletFebruary 19, 2003:  added today's recap with transcripts.
bulletFebruary 10, 2003:  Henry makes the "Classic Lines" section of SOD again!
bulletFebruary 5, 2003:  added Trent's recent post on the Ososunny message board.
bulletFebruary 2, 2003:  added a new photo feature called "The Many Faces of Henry," which shows Henry in all his many costumes over the past few years.  If anyone can think of any I missed, please let me know.
bulletFebruary 1, 2003:  lots of updates!  Added info from the last two Soap Opera Digest issues to the articles page.  Added the character counts for the month of January (4 episodes for Henry).  And added screencaps to the Jan. 16, Jan. 17, Jan. 20, and Jan 21 recaps (welcome back Tammy Faye!).
bulletJanuary 22, 2003:  added yesterday's recap with transcripts, and added transcripts to the Jan. 20 recap.
bulletJanuary 20, 2003:  added today's recap, also added transcripts to the Jan. 16 and Jan. 17 recaps.
bulletJanuary 17, 2003:  added today's recap.
bulletJanuary 16, 2003:  added today's recap.  Also added a few things from this week's SOD: Henry makes the "Classic Lines" section for the second week in a row, plus find out what Michael Park has to say about Trent!
bulletJanuary 12, 2003:  The first fan club newsletter was sent out today via email.  If you did not receive one and would like to, please join the fan club.  Also added a bit from SOD's Classic Lines.
bulletJanuary 10, 2003:  New membership announced!  Now you can join the fan club online and receive periodic email newsletters, the first of which will be sent out this weekend.  Also added a few reviews of Pal Joey.
bulletJanuary 1, 2003:  in honor of the new year, I updated the monthly character count and added a list of the most seen characters in 2002.  Henry is number 33 with 62 appearances.

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