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Archive of Updates, 2009

bulletDecember 28, 2009: added the Dec. 24 recap.
bulletDecember 23, 2009: added the Dec. 18 and Dec. 21 recaps.
bulletDecember 20, 2009: added a few magazine articles.
bulletDecember 17, 2009: added the Dec. 16 recap.
bulletDecember 14, 2009: added the Dec. 10, Dec. 11, and Dec. 14 recaps.
bulletDecember 13, 2009: vote for Trent as "Supporting Actor of the Decade" at Daytime Confidential.  Unlike many of the other nominees, he has been a supporting actor on ATWT for a decade!
bulletDecember 9, 2009: added the Dec. 3 and Dec. 9 recaps.  
bulletDecember 1, 2009: added today's and yesterday's recaps.  Also updated the monthly character count - 9 Henry episodes in November.


bulletNovember 29, 2009: added Trent's "Happy Thanksgiving" post.
bulletNovember 24, 2009: added today's recap.
bulletNovember 22, 2009: added the Nov. 20 recap.  Also caught up on articles from the soap mags - check it out!
bulletNovember 19, 2009: added today's recap.
bulletNovember 12, 2009: added Nov. 11 recap.
bulletNovember 10, 2009: added today's recap and Trent's recent message board post thanking us for the anniversary gifts.
bulletNovember 9, 2009: added the Nov. 6 recap.  And check out the character count - Henry's 14 episodes is not only his high since August of 2006, but it's also the most of any character last month!  I'm fairly certain that's never happened before.
bulletNovember 5, 2009: added the Oct. 30, Nov. 2, and Nov. 3 recaps.


bulletOctober 29, 2009: added today's sad recap.
bulletOctober 27, 2009: added yesterday's and today's recaps - seven straight days of Henry!  Also added a few things from the soap mags.
bulletOctober 24, 2009: added yesterday's recap.  That makes a full week of Henry.  That hasn't happened in a long time, if ever!
bulletOctober 22, 2009: added yesterday's and today's recaps.
bulletOctober 20, 2009: added yesterday's and today's recaps.
bulletOctober 17, 2009: added some photos from last month's Race for the Cure, the Oct. 16 recap, and a few things from SID.
bulletOctober 15, 2009: added today's recap.
bulletOctober 12, 2009: added today's recap - where there's smoke there's fire.
bulletOctober 10, 2009: added yesterday's recap and an article from SOD.
bulletOctober 1, 2009: added today's recap and updated the monthly character count - 8 Henry episodes in September.


bulletSeptember 29, 2009: added today's recap.
bulletSeptember 28, 2009: added some photos from last month's Daytime Emmy Awards, as well as a few things from this week's SID.
bulletSeptember 26, 2009: added the Sept. 25 recap.
bulletSeptember 22, 2009: added the Sept. 18 recap.
bulletSeptember 18, 2009: I'm back!  Lots of updates for you: I've added the Sept. 4, Sept. 8, Sept. 10, and Sept. 15 recaps - James Stenbeck's death (?) and funeral.
bulletSeptember 4, 2009: added the September 2 recap and a few things from this week's SID.  I'm going out of town, so no new updates for a week or so.
bulletSeptember 2, 2009: added the August 31 recap and updated the monthly character count - 9 Henry episodes in August.


bulletAugust 28, 2009: added a few articles from this week's SID.
bulletAugust 25, 2009: added the August 25 recap.
bulletAugust 23, 2009: added the August 21 recap.
bulletAugust 20, 2009: added the August 19 and August 20 recaps - the Stenbeck family reunion.
bulletAugust 19, 2009: added an article from SOD about Henry's new family.
bulletAugust 12, 2009: major news for Henry - his father is none other than the notorious James Stenbeck!  Read about it in the August 10 and August 11 recaps, and in SODSOD also reports that Alexandra Chando is returning as Henry's sis Maddie!
bulletAugust 7, 2009: added the August 5 recap. 
bulletAugust 4, 2009: added a few things in this week's SID and the August 3 recap. 
bulletAugust 2, 2009: added several magazine articles and the July 31 recap.  Also updated the monthly character count - 7 Henry episodes in July.


bulletJuly 30, 2009: added the July 27 and July 28 recaps.
bulletJuly 23, 2009: check out "The Many Faces of Henry" on  SOD Insider says: On Friday, July 31, Audrey finds a way to get closer to Henry. "Some of the anger at being abandoned has got to come out," observes Lynn Herring (Audrey). "So you get the comedy that we play and he's had a couple of scenes that have been heartfelt about, 'Why would you leave us?'"
bulletJuly 21, 2009: added the July 20 recap.
bulletJuly 19, 2009: added the July 16 and July 17 recaps, the end of Geneva.
bulletJuly 10, 2009: added the July 10 recap.


bulletJune 30, 2009: added a video of the Making of Geneva Swift and an article in SID.  Also updated the monthly character count - 6 Henry episodes in June.
bulletJune 27, 2009: added a few things from an interview with Trent about Geneva, and the Martinis with Henry video!
bulletJune 25, 2009: added the June 25 recap and an article about Henry's newest family member in SOD.
bulletJune 18, 2009: vote for Henrietta or Geneva in this week's SOD style poll.  I've added the June 17 and June 18 recaps, an article about Henry's latest drag costume in SOD, and updated "The Many Faces of Henry."
bulletJune 13, 2009: added the June 10 recap and an article from SID.
bulletJune 6, 2009: added the June 2 and June 4 recaps.


bulletMay 30, 2009: added the May 28 recap, and an article about Henry and Vienna's fairytale romance from SID.  Also updated the monthly character count - 9 Henry episodes in May.
bulletMay 27, 2009: added a few articles from SID, as well as their coverage of the luncheon and Martinis.
bulletMay 24, 2009: added some spoilers from SOD, and another photo from Soap Fest 2009
bulletMay 23, 2009: added this week's recaps: May 19, May 20, and May 22.
bulletMay 16, 2009: added the May 14 recap and some photos from Soap Fest 2009 at Marco Island, FL (thanks Charlie!).
bulletMay 13, 2009: added some articles from SID.
bulletMay 12, 2009: added yesterday's recap.
bulletMay 9, 2009: added the May 5 and May 6 recaps.
bulletMay 2, 2009: added yesterday's recap and updated the monthly character count - 4 Henry episodes this month. Also added some spoilers about the baby story in SOD.


bulletApril 29, 2009: added some tidbits from CBS Soaps in Depth
bulletApril 26, 2009: photos from last weekend's ATWT Fan Club Luncheon and Martinis with Henry are up!  If you attended either event and would like to share your photos, let me know.
bulletApril 25, 2009: Trent will be appearing at the Southwest Florida SoapFest next weekend!  I've added the April 22 recap and a few magazine articles.  Luncheon and Martinis photos coming soon!
bulletApril 16, 2009: added the April 15 recap.  I'm headed to NYC tomorrow for the luncheon and Martinis with Henry, hope to see many of you there!
bulletApril 11, 2009: added the April 8 recap.
bulletApril 7, 2009: added the April 3 recap.


bulletMarch 31, 2009: added today's recap and the character count for March (7 Henry episodes this month).
bulletMarch 28, 2009: added the March 25 recap.
bulletMarch 24, 2009: added the March 18 recap (sorry it's late, there was a problem with the transcript).
bulletMarch 18, 2009: added a few photos from Soap Opera Digest.
bulletMarch 14, 2009: added the March 12 recap.
bulletMarch 7, 2009: added the March 4 and March 6 recaps.
bulletMarch 3, 2009: added yesterday's recap, the character count for February (8 Henry episodes!), and a photo from the recent book-signing.


bulletFebruary 25, 2009: added the Feb. 24 recap.
bulletFebruary 23, 2009: added a new message board post from Trent and the Feb. 20 recap.
bulletFebruary 17, 2009: added today's recap.
bulletFebruary 14, 2009: added the Feb. 11 recap.
bulletFebruary 10, 2009: added the Feb. 9 recap.
bulletFebruary 7, 2009: added the Feb. 4 and Feb. 5 recaps.
bulletFebruary 3, 2009: added the monthly character count - only 2 Henry episodes this month.
bulletFebruary 2, 2009: added several articles, including a feature on Trent in SID.


bulletJanuary 23, 3009: added an article from SOD in which Trent talks about his recent vacation to Thailand.
bulletJanuary 17, 2009: added a few articles and a video about Henry's new book, The Man from Oakdale.
bulletJanuary 7, 2009: added today's recap.

January 6, 2009: Henry's book The Man from Oakdale is available today at  your favorite book store or online book retailer! Also added yesterday's recap.


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